Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Living in Cola

Here at CanalSide Lofts, we love living in the heart of South Carolina. There are so many things that make Columbia an awesome place to live, from its delicious restaurants; to its rich history; to its fun atmosphere!

We bet you didn’t know that Columbia is home to the nation’s oldest community theater still in use, the Town Theater, or that Columbia’s South Carolina State Museum, and its 70,000 artifacts, find their home in the first entirely electric textile mill in the world.

So, we guess you could say, we are proud to live in this Famously Hot city of Columbia! Here are just a few of our favorite reasons why we think that living in Cola is so wonderful:

1. CanalSide Lofts –
Location, location, location! Look no further than our apartments for your centrally located home.

2. The Conagree Vista –
Our favorite area in downtown Columbia where you can eat, drink and shop – plus it’s all within walking distance.

3. The Riverwalk and the Three Rivers Esplanade –  
Walk, run or bike on this 9 ½ mile trail to enjoy a bit of nature, located right downtown.

4. South Carolina State Farmers Market – 
Buy fresh produce and products all grown and made locally by wholesalers, farmers and retailers.

5. Football Season (Go Gamecocks!) –
Every Fall, Cola turns garnet and black to root on Columbia’s home team, University of South Carolina.

6. It’s the State Capitol –
What could be cooler than living in your state’s capitol and the biggest city in SC?

7. It’s the Birthplace of Hootie and the Blowfish
Who doesn’t love some easy listenin’? Without Columbia (and USC) the band we cherish wouldn’t have happened!

8. The Riverbanks Zoo
The zoo is the best place to bring the family for a day of monkeying around!

9. Everything is #FamouslyHot
We’ve embraced the fact that yes, it gets hot in Columbia, and guess what – we love it! That’s what our pool is for!

10. Our fantastic residents (and their pets) –
We wouldn’t love Columbia as much if it weren’t for the wonderful people and pets that live in our community.

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