2-13 | Keeping your Electric Bill Low During Winter Months

Though winter temperatures in Columbia can range from the teens to the high 60’s, many people see a spike in their electric bills during the colder months.

Maintenance Supervisor at CanalSide Lofts, Alex Bookert, who was recently awarded Maintenance Supervisor of the Year by the Apartment Association of Greater Columbia, has three tips for lowering your bills in the winter.

  1. Keep your thermostat at a constant temperature:This prevents the HVAC unit from working too hard to maintain fluctuating temperatures Bookert says. “Typically, a temp set between 68 and 71 degrees is a good range to have your thermostat set at for South Carolina winter months.”
  2. Fill up your dryer: When drying clothes, make sure you fill up the dryer – don’t just dry two or three items. Bookert says dryers need a lot of energy to work, so you should make the bang worth the buck. However, don’t stuff the dryer, this could be a fire hazard, so, use good judgment!
  3. Turn off the lights: The simplest way to keep your electric bill low is to turn off your lights when you leave the room, or leave your house. “I see a lot of lights left on during the day when I’m out performing service requests, even at night when I walk the property,” Bookert says. “People would be surprised what an impact this simple task of turning off the lights would have on their monthly electric bill.”

Remember these three tips and see if there’s a change on your next bill! If you have any questions about your thermostat or other maintenance tips, feel free to contact our office and we’ll get your in touch with Alex!

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